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Re: Hi

Am 12.09.2002 11:46:50, schrieb

>> Very good, thats about 150km away from my location, I think it's
>> possible to take part.
>Dang, that's nothing.  I've driven farther than that for a gathering of fewer 
Nothing for American conditions, but Germany is only about 300 miles wide, so if you travel a hundred, 
then you almost cross half the country, and pass hundreds of cities.
In the US, maybe it's a hundred miles til the next big city.
In the US, it's just a trip, in Germany it's a voyage - or even an odysee.

>With 20 people it makes me want to fly over.
Actually, it's including QantoH (and me, of course): 
 14 people who have reserved a room,
 5 from the Saarbrücken area who want to come, and
 3 who don't know yet if they can, but they try to come.

>It has 3 or 4 CDs.  
3 wej

>Throughout the game you can pause the game and click on various items in the 
>background and learn their importance in klingon culture, etc.  
A hidden data base that many people underestimate or even don't notice.

>DloraH, BG


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