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Re: lugh

> >All the examples I know of are for the stem {lugh} "be correct, be right":
> >
> >   bIlugh
> >   You're right. TKD
> >
> >   bIlughbe'
> >   You're wrong. TKD

>Is that the same as {bImuj}, or can only an answer be {muj}?
>In German there are two different meanings and two different translations 
>for that.

Hmm... {muj} "be wrong".  I'd forgotten about that one.  I usually just use 
{lughbe'} "not be right" which, I suppose, is not quite the same 
thing.  Unfortunately, Okrand has never used {muj}.  What's the difference 
in German?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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