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Re: lugh

Am 12.09.2002 10:43:02, schrieb Steven Boozer <>:

>I don't have {lughmoH} as a separate entry from Okrand in my notes.  Where 
>did you see that defined?
Actually, me neither. :-/

>I know of know evidence either way, though we have long been using 
>{lughmoH} for "correct (something)" on the list.
I think that's where I got it from.

>All the examples I know of are for the stem {lugh} "be correct, be right":
>   bIlugh
>   You're right. TKD
>   bIlughbe'
>   You're wrong. TKD
Is that the same as {bImuj}, or can only an answer be {muj}?
In German there are two different meanings and two different translations for that.

>Until we see something to the contrary, I think you're safe in saying 
>{qalughmoH} "I correct you", {cholughmoH 'e' DangIl'a'?} "Do you dare 
>correct me?", etc.
okay. Thanks.


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