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We're not responding with hostility.  But you have to understand that this 
forum is for the discussion of the Klingon language {tlhIngan Hol}, not for 
simming.  If you're interested in learning about or speaking Klingon, this 
is the right place.  If you're just interested in sims, costuming, RPG, 
etc., then there are other, more appropriate places for those activities 
(but not here).

--Holtej, List Admin

>From: damian gunjak <>
>Subject: KLINGON RPG SIMMING - ranks
>Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 10:27:22 -0700 (PDT)
>as for my rank, I am a lt. cmdr. and it is a federation rank, to be exact 
>it is a federation rank because i serve within a federation taskforce.  for 
>more abou that you can find at which is the fleet that 
>my simm is affiliated with, or at my site.  For some reason I feel slight 
>hostility, as if certain people regard such kind of activity simmiliar to 
>that of  a ferengi trading...
>  Quvar valer wrote:Am 10.09.2002 22:53:27, schrieb "DloraH" :
> >> I just uploaded a new updated version of my site, i would like to
> >tlhIngan Hol lo'be' QInvam,
> >tlhIngan Hol lo'be' Daqvetlh,
>I found a little thing in tlhIngan! :-)
>it's on the first page, it is signed with {Ta'pez soghla'}
>First, there is a typo, S is always capitalized: {Soghla'}
>this seems to mean "lieutenant commander", but that's a federation rank.
>In Klingon, you can either be
>- Sogh "lieutenant"
>- la' "commander" (above lt. & below cpt.)
>(and others of course)
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