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Epithets (was: ghomqa'ghach)

From: "Quvar valer" <>

> ghItlh "DloraH" <>:
> >DIp 'oHbe' nuq?  Qovpatlh?  TKD p178
> >lugh mu'tlheghvam
>    It's called "exclamations", I always thought the cannot be used like
nouns, only as "sentences in their
> own right": {petaQ!!} and not {toDSaH ghaHbej.} (I asked for that several
years ago)

bIqarlaw', Quvar.  DIp bIHbe' mu'vam.  'aaaaaaa . . . .

DIvI' Hol lujatlhDI' tlhIngan DIbejpu'bogh, chaq jatlh: "Get that /petaQ/
out of my sight!"  DIp rurchu' mu'.  chaq tlhIngan Hol lujatlhDI' pab nIb
lulo' . . . .

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