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Re: Hi

ja' Qov:
>Also, go through the vocabulary section and find Klingon words that match
>things you have in your house.  Carefully copy them out onto small labels
>and stick them onto the appropriate objects: Saj, rav, quS, waq, vutpa' and
>so on.

Saj Daper'a'?  chaq "turtle"vaD QaplaH, 'a vIghro' perlu' 'e' luchaw'be'
vIghro' vISovbogh jIH.  (ghotI' 'oHchugh Saj'e', mo''e' pernISlu'ba'.)

toH, jIqawlaw' -- tI bIH Qov Sajqoqmey'e'.  bepbe'bej.

-- ghunchu'wI'

SKI: Some pets won't be labelled.

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