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Re: Hi

> Hi my  name is Matt (Klingon name Torgh) I live in New Zealand and would
> like to keep in contact with anyone who could spare some time to help a
> new student out learning tIhIngan, basically so I can use what I have
> learnt around home and talk to other people who are doing the same.
> Thanks   Torgh 

Welcome to the list Torgh.  I am DloraH, currently serving as the list's 
Beginners' Grammarian.  It's my job to help the newbies.  We're certainly 
willing to share our time to help a new student learn klingon.

We have one or two other people in NZ; my wife is originally from NZ.  Perhaps 
our NZ members will see this and contact you, then you can get together to 
practice actually speaking.

What language resources do you have already?

The messages marked with KLBC in the subject flags the message as being 
beginners' level.

Feel free to ask questions, analyze other people's messages, and attempt your 

DloraH, BG

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