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RE: Happy Birthday

From: Sangqar (Sean Healy) [] 
>>qoSlIj botIvjaj, charghlI'ghach

>I would suggest {yay} instead of {charghlI'ghach}, unless you really
need to 
>stress the difference between victory and conquest.  (I suspect there's
>much of one for a Klingon.)

I wasn't happy to do it, but the convention is named Conquest and if
they want the name translated, I wanted to stick as close to it as
possible.  I considered how I would name a ship Conquest.  I decided
that I would not.  However, if I did, it would have to be the variation
of the meaning, "the act of attempting to conquer."  It is extremely
difficult to put this into one word and the closest I could get was,
"the conquering," or charghlI'ghach.

>In addition, {cha'maH wa'DIch} is missing from the translation.
>21Dich would work if you need to keep it short.)

Whoops, I meant...
qoSlIj cha'maH wa'DIch botIvjaj, charghlI'ghach


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