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Re: Happy Birthday

>A convention that is doing a favour for the KLI has asked me for a 
>translation - "Happy 21st Birthday Conquest!"  Of course "Conquest" is the 
>name of the convention, but I will offer them the choice of having the name 
>also translated, which is what I present here.  Perhaps it should also be 
>noted that this greeting will be amongst the same in other languages.
>I present my attempt below and welcome all comments on spelling, grammar, 
>style, and content.  If you know of any canon on birthday greetings, I 
>would also appreciate those references.
>qoSlIj botIvjaj, charghlI'ghach

I would suggest {yay} instead of {charghlI'ghach}, unless you really need to 
stress the difference between victory and conquest.  (I suspect there's not 
much of one for a Klingon.)

In addition, {cha'maH wa'DIch} is missing from the translation.  (Perhaps 
21Dich would work if you need to keep it short.)



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