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Re: Hoch (was: Names for

From: "Quvar valer" <>
> >chab Hoch
> >the whole pie
> equal to:
>  {chab naQ}
>  "the full, whole, entire pie"

No, not equal.  I made the distinction in my last post.

/chab Hoch/ measures a portion of the pie.

/chab naQ/ describes the pie.  This can also be written as /naQbogh chab/.

If I've got a plate of /chab/ in front of my, and exactly one half of it has
been eaten, you might ask me, /chab Hoch DaSop''a'?/ "Will you eat all of
the pie?" to which I would gleefully respond, /HIja'!/

If you were to ask me /chab naQ DaSop'a'?/ "Will you eat an entire pie?" I
would sadly respond, /ghobe'./

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