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Re: jIchegh

> Qorwagh rarlu' ghItlhlIj, qar'a'?

-lu' says unspecified subject, but here you have ghItlhlIj in the subject place.
(This is why I went with a simple locative).

"printer" would be ghItlhwI', so the above should be ghItlhwI'lIj.

We do have canon of rar.

tlhIngan nISwI' beH   Klingon Disruptor Rifle

nISwI' HIch motlh HoS Hal qengwI' naQ tIq je lurarlu'bogh 'oH tlhIngan nISwI' 
beH'e'.  SuvwI' vI' Dub naQvam 'ej ray' HopDaq bachlu'meH chuqna' ghurmoH 

The Klingon disruptor rifle is a standard hand held disruptor, attached to an 
extended power supply stock. This serves to steady the aim of a warrior and 
increase the effective range for distance targeting.

With this formula we would write:
Qorwagh ghItlhwI'lIj je rarlu', qar'a'?

> *samba-common*, *samba-client* je yISugh.

Multiple objects, prefix tI-

> QorwaghvaD Qorwagh *linux* rurmoH ngoqvam.
> [For clarity: this software makes linux look like Windoze to other
> Windoze boxes. Is this correct word order 
> for -moH on transitive verbs?]

Uh-oh, don't go there!  
We've had enough blood spilled over {transitive with -moH}.

Other safe ways would be:
Qorwagh rur Linux  'e' qaSmoH ngoqvam.
ngopvammo'  Qorwagh rur Linux.

'ej, qeSlIjmo' qatlho'.
tugh vInID.  chaq qayu'qa'.

DloraH, BG

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