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Re: jIchegh

>> 'ach Qujmey jIQuj 'e' vItIv.


HIvqa' veqlargh. I will start to get this right at some point.
I should have checked it a bit more thoroughly :-(
Erm, a bit of specialised vocab. In this message I am arbitrarily going to use <ngoq> for a 'program', 
assuming (probably wrongly) that the idiomatic sense of computer code is included in this.
Therefore <ngoq ghom> is a 'package' (rpm for RedHat et al., deb for debian et al.). I am also going to 
assume <Sugh> is 'install' in the computer sense. These may not be proper usage but I can't be bothered to 
think up constructions. Disagree with me and I will take it as an insult to my honour.

ghItlhwI''e', jIpo'be'.

>Qorwagh De'wI'Daq 'oH ghItlhwI'.

Qorwagh rarlu' ghItlhlIj, qar'a'?
vaj *samba* Dalo'nIS.
*samba-common*, *samba-client* je yISugh.
*linux* naw'laH Qorwagh DaneHchugh, *samba-server* yISugh je.
QorwaghvaD Qorwagh *linux* rurmoH ngoqvam.
[For clarity: this software makes linux look like Windoze to other Windoze boxes. Is this correct word order 
for -moH on transitive verbs?] yISuch.
*samba-client* vIlo', 'ach *samba-server* vIlo'be'.
tlhoy Qatlhbe'.
[It Should Just Work, as the saying goes. Bonus points for a good Klingonization of this saying.]

>DloraH, BG
Zulu One, B
'u'wIj vuSmey Del HolwIj vuSmey
 - Ludwig Wittgenstein (almost)

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