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Re: HeghmeH QaQbogh jaj yIngu'

From: "Stephan Schneider" <>
> >From: "Bartholomew Barker" <>
> >>  cha'maH cha' ben bIboghba'pu'. pIj bIghItlhHa'. bIghItlhpu'DI'
> >>  tIlaD 'ej tIlaDqa'. motlh qayajtaHvIS, rut qayajbe'chu'. yIyep! yIqar!
> >
> >Hee hee!  bIjatlhnISbej <yIyep'eghmoH!  yIqar'eghmoH!>
> what's the difference?

In KLINGON FOR THE GALACTIC TRAVELER, Okrand says that when verbs of quality
are used imperatively, they normally use /-'egh/ and /-moH/.  They only lack
these in the idiom /yItaD/ "Freeze!" which means "Stop moving!"  (Perhaps
there are other idioms or situations in which you'd leave off the /-'egh/
and the /-moH/, and no doubt someone will point out some line by Okrand in
which this was done, but KGT makes it pretty explicit that when verbs of
quality are used imperatively and non-idiomatically, they are also reflexive
and causative.)

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