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Re: Names for noun functions (Was: Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

>ja'pu' tulwI':
>>i want to have names for those roles. when i called them "nominative",
>>"accusative" and so on (cases), the idea was not very in. so if "roles"
>are allowed, then we speak of "subject role", "object role".
>>are there any shorter names for "describing another noun role"? "genitive"
>>wouldn't be allowed, as this impies case.
>ja' Qov:
>>I would call them, respectively:
>>subject noun
>>object noun
>>noun acting adjectivally
>>noun with a type-5 suffix
>>It might be nice to have a more concise way of describing the third and
>>fifth functions, but I managed to teach Klingon (I used to have DloraH's
>>job) without that terminology, so you should be able to learn it.
>The third one is a "possessive" role, according to TKD.  Examples such as
>{baS 'In} or even {tlhIngan Hol} tell us it's a little broader in scope
>than literal possession/ownership, but the concept is clear.

if "posessive" is a tkd-term, then allright.

>The fifth one is a catchall category of several roles, so it's not that odd
>to find no good concise term for
>locative/source/reason/beneficiary/topic/etc.  I tend to use the individual
>terms when appropriate.


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