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RE: grammAr check

IMHO... this is IN FACT just another example of English and it's tendency to make rules and then break them, or have two things mean the same thing, or two things sound alike that are different.  English is an awful language in that respect, and I've thought so for as long as I can remember.
That being said, I have spoken it all my life and because it's the most widely-used *Hol* on *tera'* we all have to accept its eccentricities, and do our best with it.  At least until we can ALL learn *tlhIngan Hol* well enough to communicate freely in it.
Meanwhile, we'll all say:  "HIvqa' veqlargh!" for those who err and correct them.
Oh... and "PLUMBER" has a "B" in it... ;)
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	From: DloraH [] 
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	Subject: RE: grammAr check

	> God, I'm sick of looking at this...
	> Do you butcher Klingon spelling this badly, too?
	> Is g-r-a-m-m-a-r allowed here too, or just "grammer?"
	> It is sometimes said, that plumers always have backed up pipes,
	> and mechanics cars never work--could that also reply to a
	> writer's spelling?
	> (that and for the past 20 years, I've heard it pronounced with an 'e')
	Until I became Grammarian and wrote it in many newbie welcome messages, I
	couldn't remember if it was e or a.
	DloraH, BG

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