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Re: Klingon WOTD: nom (adv)

>This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Sunday, September 1, 2002.
>Klingon word:   nom
>Part of Speech: adverb
>Definition:     fast, quickly
>Additional Notes:
>Opposite of {QIt}.

As used in canon:

Move fast! Move quickly! TKD

DaHjaj nom Soppu'.
Today they ate quickly. TKD

nom yISop!
Eat them (i.e. qagh) quickly! CK

nom QaH yIqem!
Get help quickly! CK

nom yIghoSqu'!  [or]
nom! yIghoSqu'!
Maximum speed. ST5 (punctuation uncertain)

tIqIpqu' 'ej nom tIqIp
Hit them hard and hit them fast. TKW

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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