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Re: <'e'> lo'be' <neH> (was: nuq 'oH KLBC'e'?)

ja' SuStel:

>From: "Quvar valer" <>
>> tulwI':
>> >is /neH/ the only verb that doesn't need /'e'/?
>> TKD, section 6.2.5. Sentences as objects:
><DoS ghajbogh mu'tlheghna'> bIHbe' jatlhmeH mu' mu'tlheghmey.  
bIlugh. 'a TKD 'ay'vamDaq bIH luDellu'.
cha' mu'tlheghmey bIH: {jIjatlh: bIlugh.}

>jatlhmeH mu'
>tlha'laH DoSqoq pagh jatlhmeH mu' nunglaH DoSqoq.
qar. TKDDaq leghlaH vay'.

>not <'e'> <net> joq lulo'lu' <neH> 'oHchugh wot'a''e'.


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