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Re: KLBC - My day

ghItlh DloraH 'utlh:

>ghoS, leng, jaH, chegh, paw, paw' (and others) - the object is the
{paw'}? How?

>destination.  The locative is the medium in/on which the action takes place.
The suffix {-Daq} does not only mean "in/on" but also "to":

TKD 3.3.5:
{-Daq} <locative>
  This suffix indicates that something is happening (or has happened or will happen) in the vicinity 
of the noun to which it is attached. It is normally translated by an English preposition: <to, in, at, 
on.> The exact translation is determined by the meaning of the whole sentence. For example, {pa'Daq} 
is {pa'} <room> plus the suffix {-Daq.} It may occur in sentences such as the following:

    {pa'Daq jIHtaH} <I'm in the room.>
    {pa'Daq yIjaH} <Go to the room.>
further, it says:

  "There are a few verbs whose meanings include locative notions, such as {ghoS} <approach, proceed.> 
The locative suffix need not be used on nouns which are the objects of such verbs.

    {Duj ghoStaH} <It is approaching the ship.> [...]

    {yuQ wIghoStaH} <We are proceeding toward the planet.> [...]

If the locative suffix is used with such verbs, the resulting sentence is somewhat redundant, but not 
out-and-out wrong.

    {DujDaq ghoStaH} <It is approaching toward the ship.> "

>DuSaQDaq jIjaH - The action of "going" is taking place at school.  It sounds
>like I'm wandering the halls.
I always tend to think the same, but we have the following canon:

   naDevvo' vaS'a'Daq majaHlaH'a'?  PK
   Can we get TO the Great Hall from here? 

   may'Daq jaHDI' SuvwI' juppu'Daj lonbe'. TKW
   When a warrior goes TO a battle, he does not abandon his friends.

   bIghHa'Daq yIghoS TKD
   Go TO jail!

The following confirms what you say:
   'Iw bIQtIqDaq jIjaH
   I travel the river of blood.

>yaH "duty station" is a popular choice.
Oh, yes, I remember...

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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