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-Daq (was: RE: KLBC - My day)

> >ghoS, leng, jaH, chegh, paw, paw' (and others) - the object is the
> {paw'}? How?

(Oops; forget about paw'.  That one requires multiple subjects.)

> >destination.  The locative is the medium in/on which the action takes
> The suffix {-Daq} does not only mean "in/on" but also "to":
> TKD 3.3.5:
> {-Daq} <locative> ...
> further, it says: ...
> but we have the following canon: ...
> ... PK
> ... TKW
> ... TKD

I am not disputing the definition of -Daq.  -Daq can go on the direct
object, but the prefix still needs to mark that word as the direct object if
it is to be the destination.

Reference HolQeD Dec 1998, a clearification from MO written after TKD, TKW,
and PK.
MO:   Here's the way jaH works.  jaH can be used, using your terminology
      both transitively and intransitively.  So, bIQtIqDaq jIjaH is "I go in
      the river."

      I'm moving along in the river, traveling in the river.  You can also
      say bIQtIqDaq vIjaH...

WM:   You'd still use the -Daq?

MO:   Yes.  But you don't have to.  That would be the way.  -Daq or no
      -Daq.  The prefix makes the difference in meaning.  jI- means I'm
      moving along in someplace.  vI- means I'm moving along to
      someplace.  You cannot say bIQtIq jIjaH.
WM:   'el - "enter."

MO:   Same thing.  Now, if you did say pa'Daq vI'el "I entered into the
      room," you could say, well, that's overkill, but that's okay.

      It's not like, "Oh, my God, I don't understand you," but you don't
      need that.

WM:   In the dictionary, you said that ghoS could be used either with or
      without -Daq but it would be somewhat marked with the -Daq.  Is
      this true for jaH as well?

MO:   Less marked?  Yes, the same, with the vI-, not with the jI-.

WM:   leng - "roam, travel."

MO:   leng works like jaH.  These are all okay:

                 yuQ vIleng or yuQDaq vIleng
                    I travel to the planet

                      yuQvo' jIleng
                 I roam away from the planet

                      yuQDaq jIleng
               I roam (around/about) on the planet

      This is not okay:        yuQ jIleng

WM:   paw - "arrive."

MO:   Again, just like jaH, it depends.  Duj vIpaw means "I arrive at the
      ship;"  DujDaq jIpaw means "I arrive on the ship," that is, I arrive
      via the ship or something like that.  And it would probably be okay
      to say DujDaq vIpaw for "I arrive at the ship."  But Duj jIpaw
      strikes me as odd.

DloraH, 'utlh

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