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Re: marching commands

>       The use of {'eH} can be useful here I think, like in the opening
> scene: {'eH, yIQam.} (if I 
> remember correctly).
>   {'eH, Qam!} "ready, stand!"
>   {'eH, ghoS!} "ready, go!"
>   {'eH, mev!} "ready, stop!"
>   {'eH, nIH ghoS!} "ready, go right!"
>   {'eH, poS ghoS!} "ready, go left!"

In the US...

For the commands like "attention" "halt" the preparatory command is the label 
for the type of group that it is; squad, platoon, company, etc...  We have a 
few of these in klingon.


There are different ways to change direction.  The normal one where everyone 
follows along around a corner, the command is "Column right...March!"  
(everyone's marching in a long column remember.)
tut nIH...ghoS!

I certainly don't expect klingons to use phrases similar to the US; but I 
thought I would throw this in (since I'm one of very few that actually 
remembers these commands after Basic).

Canon from the movie:
[captain raises his hand in preparation for the order to fire]

	SSS... baH
	Ready... Fire!

This goes along with what SuStel said about using SuH.


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