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marching commands


      For a short {lut tlhaq}, a friend of mine likes some phrases to command a group of soldiers, like 
"Stand still", "at ease", "walk", "turn left". I'd call them military marching commands.
      The use of {'eH} can be useful here I think, like in the opening scene: {'eH, yIQam.} (if I 
remember correctly).

  {'eH, Qam!} "ready, stand!"
  {'eH, ghoS!} "ready, go!"
  {'eH, mev!} "ready, stop!"
  {'eH, nIH ghoS!} "ready, go right!"
  {'eH, poS ghoS!} "ready, go left!"

Of course, this  is clipped klingon.
Any better suggestions?

  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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