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Re: Agnieszka (Re:

Am 23.10.2002 09:38:58, schrieb Viktor Horak <>:

>I'm sorry I did not realize that 'ISqu' is
>a code name. I wondered what is it and
>supposed it is something like "bye", for
>it was at the end of Agnieszka's emails..
>I apologize to Agnieszka by this very much!
Klingons don't apologize }};-)

>Now I wonder what code name for myself
>I should acquire to make it less confusing..
>Perhaps nu'tlhIq could suit, what do you think?
You can read abut this topic in the lists FAQ:
Short summary: A name is a name, so maybe it has a meaning, or it has none.

>Sorry to express myself in English now, next time
>I will write entirely in tlhIngan Hol!
Well it's very good that you want to write only in Klingon, it's the best practice. But you don't have 
to apologize for speaking in english here. If it's about Klingon or a related topic, you can talk in 
english. When talking in Klingon, every topic is allowed.

Now for you entirely in tlhIngan Hol:
toH. tlhIngan Hol neH Dalo'rup'a'? maj, vaj bIqeqchu'. 'a DIvI' Hol Dalo'mo' bItlhIjnISbe'. tlhIngan 
Hol qellu'chugh vaj DIvI' Hol Dalo' 'e' chaw'lu'. tlhIngan Hol lo'lu'chugh vaj Hoch Daqel 'e' chawlu'.

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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