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Re: Agnieszka (Re: Viktor)

----- Original Message ----- 
From: <>
> > ...
> > 'ISqu'
> Daj.
> mung Quv per 'oH [Viktor]'e',
> qI'law' 'ISqu',
> latlh nuv mu' 'oHbe'law'  Quvar mu'mey cha'mo',
> 'ej Viktor mu' cha' Quvar.
> Viktor, pong 'oH ['ISqu']'e'.  "Goodbye" 'oSbe' ['ISqu'].
> DloraH

I'm sorry I did not realize that 'ISqu' is
a code name. I wondered what is it and
supposed it is something like "bye", for
it was at the end of Agnieszka's emails..
I apologize to Agnieszka by this very much!

Now I wonder what code name for myself
I should acquire to make it less confusing..
Perhaps nu'tlhIq could suit, what do you think?
(Klingon sound of a "new fig".)
Or perhaps the oposit: tlhIq'nu ?

By the way, for me it is an honor that you
wrote me, DloraH. I recently ordered
a ghIlghameS in local bookstore to have it
delivered from abroad.. The epic fascinates me!
I already have TKD and Hamlet and try to get through..
Sorry to express myself in English now, next time
I will write entirely in tlhIngan Hol!


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