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Re: Useage of parmaqqay, loDnal, be'nal My earlier qustion corrected for spelling and terms

From: "Sebastian DuMars" <>
<<In e-mails that I receive between other groups I oftens see spouses
refering to one another as parmaqay.

This does not seem correct in a cultual sense as there are specific terms
for husband and wife as well as the bang pong (love name) which are usually
private between partners.

I believe that refering to ones' spouse as parmaqqay would be seen as a
denial of the marriage bond and therefore is a serious insult.

KGT seems to support this although not specifically so I would like to hear
discussion on this topic.>>

There's no reason why there can't be more than one convention.  Many Terrans
refer to their loved one as "honey."  Others (such as myself) dislike that
habit.  I find other names for my /bang/.

wa' lurDech neH tu'nISbe'lu'.  pIj bangra'vaD "honey" lupong tera'ngan.
lurDechvetlh lupar latlh (jIH je).  bangwI'vaD latlh pongmey vIpong.

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