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Re: Usage of parmaqay, loDnI and be'nI

ja' "Sebastian DuMars" <>:
>I believe that refering to ones' spouse as parmaqay would be seen as a
>denial of the marriage bond and therefore is a serious insult.

Qo'.  tlhogh HoSmoH parmaq.  tlhogh tembe' per.  parmaqqaywI' ghaHbej
be'nalwI''e'.  'ach roD ngoDvam'e' vImaqbe'.  parmaqmaj vIle'moH 'e' vImaS.

be'nalwI'vaD parmaqqay vIpongDI', manong 'e' vIbuS.  mamobbe'taHvIS, motlh
ghu'vam vIbuS vIneHbe'.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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