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RE: Tao Te Ching; Chp. 9

>Where did the chinese draw the line between the area just above our heads 
>where the birds fly - and the "sky".  I understand that back then most 
>likely they had no concept of "space"; to them it was all just "sky".  But 
>I still think one needs to differenciate between the sky where birds fly 
>and the "SKY" that watches over all things.  In >some context I have used 
>chal'a'.  From an ancient perspective I think >this works.

<<chal'a'>> vIparHa'qu'. chaq vIlo'.

Funnily enough, according to some beliefs, the Chinese heaven begins right 
on surface of the earth: it touches the earth. (My Tai Chi instructor keeps 
saying that our feet walk on the earth but our bodies are already in the 

According to other beliefs, the "tian" and "di" are no longer in direct 
contact: when they produced children, the offspring pushed the "tian" up to 
create space for themselves. So we are really living between heaven and 
earth. Apparently the birds too live out their lives between heaven and 
earth: the Chinese character representing the word "no, not" (bu) is 
supposed to represent a bird that tries to reach the sky but is NOT able to 
do it.

QInvam vIqontaHvIS tlhIngan Hol vIlo'be'mo' jItlhIj 'ach jImoDnIs


China Hol, lurDech, lalDan je po'wI' jIHbe'. jImughchugh mulughmoH vay' 'e' 

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