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Re: ST 6

Quvar wrote:
>Hovleng javDaq ghel cheng Sa':
>   {DaSovbej'a'? DaSuDrup'a'?}
>What is the canon translation for this sentence?
>(I just saw ST6, but with german subtitles)

This is not official, but here's my own transcription of the scene where 
General Chang learns of Kirk's escape from Rura Penthe:

Warden:  ... Qollu'ta'                                         (?)
           (They were beamed aboard a Federation Starship.)
           ["They were beamed away."]
Warden:  qaghochnISlaH                                         (?)
           (I could trace...)
          [I could trace for you...]
  (or)    qaghochbe'laH                         (alternate version)
          [I can't trace [them] for you...]
Chang:   narghta'?  narghta'.
Grokh:   qay'be'.  Daq Sovbejbe'taH qIrq.
           (Kirk cannot know the location of the peace conference.)
           {It does not matter ... Kirk cannot know the location.}
Chang:   DaSovbej'a'?  bISuDrup'a'?
           (Are you sure? Will you take that chance?)
           {Are you sure [of that]? ... Are you willing to take that
Grokh:   DeghwI'. <He chu'>. So'wI' yIchu'!
           (Helmsman, make course to intercept Enterprise.)
           [lit. "New course. Engage cloaking device!"]
           {Helmsman... New course! Engage cloaking device.}
Helm:    qaH!
           [Yes, sir!]

N.B. The translations in (parentheses) are the subtitles as they appear in 
the movie followed by the closed captions in [brackets], which was helpful 
in places where there were no subtitles. <Angle brackets> and question 
marks indicate uncertainties in the transcription due to muttered or 
mumbled dialogue and/or loud background music or sound effects. I have 
added excerpts in {curly brackets} from J.M. Dillard's novelization which 
may reflect an earlier version of Nicholas Meyer & Denny Martin Flinn's 
screenplay (story by Leonard Nimoy, Nicholas Meyer and Denny Martin Flinn) 
used by the novelist in her adaptation. The tlhIngan Hol in the movies is 
actually pretty good; Marc Okrand himself coached many of the actors. 
Though this film had a lot of Klingon, much of it was untranslated (i.e. no 
subtitles or closed captions) in the background, muted and strangely distorted.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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