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RE: Tao Te Ching; Chp. 9

>      - QojmeH mIw Delbogh latlh paq potlh qonwI' pIlmoH
>        paqvam: "Qojlu'chu'meH" mughbogh Sun Tzu'e'
>       (Would this be a good translation of the title?).


> vaj "tian" vImughmeH {chal} vIwuq.
> Bottom line: I think I'll probably stick with {chal}.

Where did the chinese draw the line between the area just above our heads where 
the birds fly - and the "sky".  I understand that back then most likely they 
had no concept of "space"; to them it was all just "sky".  But I still think 
one needs to differenciate between the sky where birds fly and the "SKY" that 
watches over all things.  In some context I have used chal'a'.  From an ancient 
perspective I think this works.


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