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Re: tugh qaS qepHomwIj

Am 18.10.2002 08:53:56, schrieb

>> > >**Apologies, if you see this more than once. My mailer is acting up**

>> >cha'logh QInlIj vIHevbe' jIH.
>> cha'logh vIHev jIH'e'. :-)
>wa'logh vIHev jIH

A nice demonstration for a useful use of a pronoun! :-)

>> >ngaSwI'vam cha'bogh naghqoq beQ Dachen'a'? (vIyajbe'lu'chugh vaj yajlu'meH 
>> >qeS vInob: pa' Hurgh rurbogh jan lo'lu'. DIjlaHlaw' jan lo'lu'bogh.)
>> "Stamp" DaDel'a'? "Stamp"mey chenmoHbe'law' 'angghal.
ghobe'. yIlaDqa': /ngaSwI'vam cha'bogh [Doch].../

>I believe he is describing taking a picture with a camera. (pa' Hurgh rur...)
You're right. I admit, you need to know what a "camera obscura" (pa' Hurgh) is.

(Sovbe'lu'chugh vaj jIQIj: /pa' Hurgh/ nap law', Hoch *camera* nap puS. pa'Homna' mach 'oH. wa' 
DopDaq *hole*Hom tu'lu', latlh DopDaq *film* tu'lu'. mIwvam lo' Hoch *camera*mey.)

(if someone doesn't know: it's the most simple version of a camera, a closed box with a hole on one 
side, and a screen or a film on the other side. This is basically how every camera works.)

  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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