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RE: Tao Te Ching; Chp. 9

lab DloraH:

>>mIpmo' patlhmo' je DaHemDI' [C] lot yIghuH.
>>When wealth and status make you proud, beware!

>The klingon specifies an object for ghuH;
>The english "beware" does not have an object specified.

bIlugh 'ach chaq DoS poQbe' DIvI' Hol mu' "beware". bImujchugh tlheghvam 

You're right, of course but perhaps I don't really need to specify what one 
needs to beware of. The word implies something unpleasant, a {lot} of some 
sort. Still, I'm not a native speaker of English and if my English 
translation is wrong I'll change the line.


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