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Re: tugh qaS qepHomwIj

ghItlh 'angghal:

>**Apologies, if you see this more than once. My mailer is acting up**
cha'logh QInlIj vIHevbe' jIH.

>If you're in the greater Philadelphia area (or you like driving to get there) 
>then mark your calendars and come to this qepHom.
qepHomlIj yIbuS 'ej qepHomwIj vIbuS! ;-)

>Noon, Sunday, October 20th, 2002, taking place at Donato's Pizzera, 1851 
>Bethlehem Pike, in Flourtown. 
qepHomlIj vISuch vIneHbej 'a Hopchu'mo' qepHomlIj Daq Do'Ha' yapbe' DuSaQ vIcholmeH poHwIj.

>Highlights of the event will include a walk across the street to the shopping 
>center containing the KLI's official post office box!
ngaSwI'vam cha'bogh naghqoq beQ Dachen'a'? (vIyajbe'lu'chugh vaj yajlu'meH qeS vInob: pa' Hurgh 
rurbogh jan lo'lu'. DIjlaHlaw' jan lo'lu'bogh.)

>RSVPs are helpful but not essential. I look forward to seeing you there.
nuq 'oS *RSVP* Deghmeyvetlh?


  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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