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Re: Tao Te Ching; Chp 53

> 'ej chImtaH tIr lungaSmeH qach.

ngaS seems weird.  How about pol?

> tlhoy Sop 'ej 'Iqbogh mIp lughaj.

... 'Iq mIpchaj.  ?

> [A]: Can words such as {mach} (and {tIn}) be used to describe {Sov}?

This usage has never felt right to me. 
The only other option (I can think of right now) is {law'} (and {puS}).

> [C]: I'm hesitating between {HejwI'} and {nIHwI'}.

Robber - one who steals by the use of force or the threat to use force.
Thief - one who steals, usually in a stealthy manner.


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