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Tao Te Ching; Chp 53


machqu'chugh [A] SovwIj
mIw'a' Dun vIpabtaHvIS
vIpabHa'choH 'e' neH vIHaj.

ngeD mIw'a' pabmeH Qu'.
'ach 'oH bIv 'e' lumaS nuvpu'.
woQ vaS'a' DojmoHtaHvIS chaH [B]
yotlhmeyDaq wIjbe'lu'taH
'ej chImtaH tIr lungaSmeH qach.
Dunqu' Sutchaj, jejqu' yanmeychaj.
tlhoy Sop 'ej 'Iqbogh mIp lughaj.
HejwI' mIw 'oH mIwchaj'e'. [C]
mIw'a' 'oHbe' HejwI' mIw'e'.


If my knowledge were really minute
while following the great Tao
I'd only fear that I might stray from it.

Tao is easy to follow.
yet people prefer to stray from it.
While they keep the halls of authority in splendor,
The fields remain untilled,
And the granaries stand empty.
Clad in fineries, they carry sharp swords,
They eat and posses to excess.
What they do is thievery.
Thievery is not Tao.

[A]: Can words such as {mach} (and {tIn}) be used to describe {Sov}?
[B]: I need {chaH} to rhyme with {-taH} in the next line.
[C]: I'm hesitating between {HejwI'} and {nIHwI'}.


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