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Tao Te Ching Chp. 54

loQ tIq 'ay'vam.


vay' cherlu'chu'pu'bogh cherHa'moHlaH pagh.
vay' 'uchlu'chu'bogh narghmoHlaH pagh
reH no' quvmoHtaH puqpu' puqnI'pu' je.[A]

SoHDaq[B] ghob Dapabchugh, teHchoHbej ghoblIj.
qorDu'Daq ghob Dapabchugh, 'IqchoHbej[C] ghoblIj.
yoSlIjDaq ghob Dapabchugh, taHqu'bej ghoblIj.
SeplIjDaq ghob Dapabchugh, law'choHbej[C] ghoblIj.
qo' HochDaq [D] ghob Dapabchugh Sachqu'bej ghoblIj.

vaj nuv DanoHmeH nuv yIlo'.
qorDu' DanoHmeH qorDu' yIlo'.
yoS DanoHmeH yoS yIlo'
qo' Hoch DanoHmeH qo' naQ yIlo'.

chay' qo' mIw vISov?
mIwvammo' vISov. [E]


What is firmly set up cannot be unsettled.
What is firmly embraced cannot slip away.
The ancestor worship continues without cease.

Practice virtue in your self and your virtue will become genuine.
Practice virtue in your family and your virtue will overflow.
Practice virtue in your district and your virtue will last long.
Practice virtue in your country and your virtue will abound.
Practice virtue throughout the world and your virtue will spread wide.

Therefore use the individual to judge the individual.
Use the family to judge the family.
Use the district to judge the district.
Use the state to judge the state.
Use the whole world to judge the whole world.

How do I know the way of the world?
Because of this.

[A]: The English translation doesn't exactly match the Klingon text but 
hopefully the sense is preserved.

[B]: If, for some reason, {SoHDaq} is impossible the alternative would be:

tIqDaq ghob Dapabchugh, teHchoHbej ghoblIj.	Practice virtue in your heart 
and your virtue will become genuine.

[C]: {'IqchoHbej  / law'choHbej ghoblIj}: I admit to having doubts if a verb 
glossed as "be many, numerous" can be applied to describe an uncountable 
noun. If not, I'll need to look for a different word.  {'IqchoHbej} seems 
okay because it is also glossed as "be too much".

[D]: {qo' Hoch}: {{:-)  Thanks, DloraH, for your remarks on the difference 
between {qo' Hoch} and {qo' naQ}!

[E]: {mIwvammo' vISov}: I'm not happy with this line but the Chinese version 
does contain an enigmatic phrase meaning "Because of this." {Dochvammo'} is 
not what I want because no {Doch} has been mentioned.


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