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Re: KLBC: Two quick questions

From: "d'Armond Speers" <>
> I believe this idea was proposed/developed by charghwI', the
> master recaster, as a way to express ideas like "It's difficult to kill a
> Klingon" or "Killing a Klingon is difficult."  charghwI' had spent a lot
> time thinking about the use of {-meH}, in particular how it behaves when
> modifying nouns rather than verbs.


> How would you say, "Killing the Klingon was difficult"?  You can't do it
> like this:
> * {tlhIngan vIHoH 'e' Qatlh}
> charghwI' found an answer in his analysis of {-meH}, and came up with:
> {Qatlh tlhIngan HoHmeH Qu'.}

It also came of his extreme dislike of the suffix /-ghach/, which can also
be used occasionally to solve this problem.  For instance, your sentence can
easily be translated as

Qatlh tlhIngan HoHpu'ghach.
The killing of the Klingon was difficult.

I think we've all mellowed a little regarding our fear of /-ghach/.
Provided it's used according to Okrand's guidelines in HolQeD Vol. 3, Number
3, nIvbogh nuH wIvlu' net chaw'.

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