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Re: KLBC: Two quick questions

ghItlh Holtej: 
> ghItlh qurgh:
> >The first one is from HoD Qanqor's article.
> >
> >He mentions a formula which I haven't seen before:
> >
> ><verb>meH Qu'
> >
> It's times like this I wish the search function on the list archives was 
> working again.  I believe this idea was proposed/developed by charghwI', the 
> master recaster, as a way to express ideas like "It's difficult to kill a 
> Klingon" or "Killing a Klingon is difficult."  charghwI' had spent a lot of 
> time thinking about the use of {-meH}, in particular how it behaves when 
> modifying nouns rather than verbs.

Not to take anything away from charghwI', but the idea actually originated
with MO, in his response to charghwI's question about how to say "It's too
late to visit you", which MO rendered as {paSqu'mo', nargh qaSuchmeH 'eb}.
After that, charghwI' (and later, I) provided some interpretation of this
and of {-meH} in general in HolQeD.

-- ter'eS

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