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Re: The new word

>At the qep'a' HutDIch, Marc Okrand visited. I guess he arrived later than 
>expected, presumably because of traffic on I-95 (the interstate highway 
>between Washington DC and Philadelphia). After Marc and 'angghal had 
>talked at the qep'a', 'angghal mentioned that he received a new 
>traffic-related word that would appear in the next issue of HolQeD. The 
>word, we have learned, is {Hutvagh}.

For those who don't subscribe to HolQeD - and you know who you are! - 
{Hutvagh} is described as a noun meaning "too many people or things in a 
place all at once".  Okrand added that "the term was used as word play, a 
substitution for the more common {Qu'vatlh} which might otherwise be heard 
in such situations."

For those interested, we have two other nouns meaning "crowd": {ghom'a'} 
and {qev}.  AFAIK Okrand has never explained the difference between these 
two.  Conceivably, one could have a *{qev'a'} as well.

Note that {qev} is also a verb meaning "crowd".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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