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HolQeD PDF (was RE: HolQeD volume 11, number 3)

ghItlh SIqar:

>Has the thought of putting the PDF versions of HolQed online for members
>being looked at, this would cut costs of mailing and printing

We revisit this question every couple of years. 

Hard as it may be for the people on this mailing list to believe, not all 
members of the KLI (let alone the Klingon language community) has regular or 
even limited computer access. A move to PDF would disenfranchise these 

You might then ask, "what about doing both? wouldn't that save money?" And 
the answer is still "no." Until such time as the KLI membership experiences a 
considerable growth spurt, it wouldn't be cost effective to publish the 
journal both in paper and online. This may change, but right now that's where 
we are. 

If you'd like to see this situation change, the best advice I can offer is to 
help us double the size of our membership, or find bookstores (or other 
outlets) that will carry HolQeD.


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