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Re: The new word

>>ghItlh ter'eS:
>> >BTW, there must have been a lot of traffic on I-95 that day!

At 01:31 PM 10/12/02 -0400, 'angghal wrote:
>>bIlughqu'. tagha' pawDI' "Okrand", paS.

At 05:08 PM 10/12/2002 -0700, SuSvaj wrote:
>I must have missed the first message.  What does *'angghal* mean?

At the qep'a' HutDIch, Marc Okrand visited. I guess he arrived later than 
expected, presumably because of traffic on I-95 (the interstate highway 
between Washington DC and Philadelphia). After Marc and 'angghal had talked 
at the qep'a', 'angghal mentioned that he received a new traffic-related 
word that would appear in the next issue of HolQeD. The word, we have 
learned, is {Hutvagh}.

- taD

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