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KLBC: Two quick questions

I received the latest copy of HolQeD over the weekend and after reading
it from cover to cover two questions have popped up.

The first one is from HoD Qanqor's article.

He mentions a formula which I haven't seen before:

<verb>meH Qu'

I think it is a case of "I wasn't pay attention and missed it" but I was
wondering what this is commonly translated as? To me it means "a duty
for doing the verb" but I'm guessing that there is something else to it.
Could you expand on it for me?

The second question was from Brent Kesler's article on -be' and -Ha'. At
one point he says:

jIQuchbe' 'ach qarbe' 'e' jIQuchHa'

When I read this I can't get it to make sense. I assume he is saying "I
am not happy but I'm unhappy is not correct", looking at the context of
the sentence. But jI- can't take an object and that's what 'e' is,
should qarbe' and jIQuchHa' be the other way around or have I missed
something again?



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