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Re: DIp <mIw>

> >   'oy'naQ Dachu'Ha'DI' mIw HochDIch Data'
> >   When you turn the painstik off, you accomplish the last step." KGT
> naDev peghbogh pab chu' 'anglu', qar'a'? 
> not /HochDIch/ mu' vIlegh. mughlu'DI', /Qav/ mu' rur.
> roD tay' mI' /-DIch/ mojaq je. 'a mu'vamDaq DIp muv mojaq.

KGT p176,177:
Intentional Ungrammaticality

   Sometimes words or phrases are coined for a specific
occasion, intentionally violating grammatical rules in
order to have an impact. 
.... when -DIch is attached to
Hoch ("all"), the resulting word, HochDIch ("allth") is
used as an alternate for Qav ("be final, last") to refer to
the final one of a series whose members either were
counted or could have been counted, as in pIpyuS pach
HochDIch DaSoppu' ("You've eaten the last pipius
claw"; pIpyuS pach, "pipius claw"; DaSoppu', "You've
eaten it"). The word also may be used to describe the final
step of a process. Speaking of the Rite of Ascension, one
might say 'oy'naQ Dachu'Ha'DI' mIw HochDIch Data'
("When you turn the painstik off, you accomplish the last
step"; Dachu'Ha'DI', "when you deactivate it").

> chaq mu'mey chu' tetlhDaq mu'vetlh chelnISlu'. 
> Qoch'a' vay'?

pabHa'chu'.  mu'na' 'oHbe'.

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