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Tao Te Ching; Chp. 11

ghItlh DloraH, 'utlh:

> > 'op wen "Tao Te Ching" (Dao De Jing) vImughchoH. paQDI'norgh > tIQ 'oH 
>bom paQDI'norgh joq mughDI' taghwI' ('e' nIDDI') jIQom, 'ej vIlaDQo'.
>'ach taghwI' SoHbe'.  batlh bImugh.  'oHvam vIlaD.  vItIv.  maj.

qatlho', DloraH. jIHvaD potlh po'wI' vuD.

> > ...
> > ponglIj yInlIj ghap: potlhlIj nIv yIngu'!
> > yInlIj mIplIj ghap: lo'laHghachna' yIngu'!
> > ...

>I'm still trying to decide if putting -'e' on the first halves would be
>better or necessary.

bIwuqDI' HISovmoHneS.

> > DaH vImughlI' jIH. DaH Hoch vImughta' 'ach wej rIn Qu'wIj.
>vIlaD vIneH.

latlh 'ay' DalaDlaH'a'?
toH, 'ay' wa'maH wa' yIlaD:

rutlh botlhDaq muvchuq wejmaH rutlh naQHom[A].
'ach QapmeH rutlh, chImnIS botlhDaj.
balmey DIchenmoHmeH tunbogh nagh[C] wIlo'.
'ach lI'meH bal chImnIS qoDchaj.
juH reDDaq lojmIt Qorwagh je DIpe'.
'ach juH Dablu'meH chImnIS qoDDaj.

vaj vay' lughajmo' Doch, lo'laH.
vay' luHutlhmo', lI'.[D]

Thirty spokes join together[B] in a wheel's hub,
but it's the center hole that makes the wheel function.
We shape clay to fashion jugs,
but it's the hollowness within that makes a jug of use.
We cut doors and windows in a house wall,
but it's the empty space inside that makes the house livable.

Thus what things have makes them valuable,
but what they lack makes them useful.

[A]: I do hope {rutlh naQHom} can be used to indicate a "spoke". If not, I'd 
have to think of something else. Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.

[B]: "join together"; not being a native speaker of English I'm unable to 
decide whether "join each other" works better than "join together".

[C]: {tunbogh nagh}: "ceramic material which is soft" – the closest I could 
get to "clay".

[D]: The English version is closer to:

        vaj vay'mo' lughajbogh Doch, lo'laH.
        vay'mo' luHutlhbogh, lI'.

I prefer the Klingon version in the poem above because ... seems 
less complex. However, I can be persuaded.

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