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Re: Federation: <<yuQjIjDIvI'>> or <<yuQjIjQa'>>

Se'noj wrote:

>I was looking at my TKD, and I think I may have worked out why there are
>two words for the Untied Federation of Planets. They both start <<yuQjIj>>,
>or planets that cooperate, and one ends with <<DIvI'>>, or Federation, and
>the other ends in <<Qa'>>, which is defined as a type of animal. This makes
>me think that <<yuQjIjQa'>> is derogatory, where as <<yuQjIjDIvI'>> might
>be used in more formal texts and communications. Any ideas?

AFAIK Okrand has never explained the difference.  The only thing I can add 
to this is that {yuQjIjDIvI'} is listed in the English-to-Klingon side, 
while {yuQjIjQa'} is listed in the Klingon-to-English side of the glossary, 
which may or may not support your idea:  If {yuQjIjQa'} is indeed the more 
widespread Klingon term, that may be why it's listed in the 
Klingon-to-English side because that is the form a Klingon would look 
up.  The more neutral, and diplomatic, form {yuQjIjDIvI'} is listed in the 
side Federation speakers would use!

{Qa'} appears as a morpheme in the words {baQa'} "b'aka (expl! a general 
invective)" and {majQa'} "Well done! Very good!" as well as the animal 
names {Qa'}, {Qa'Da'}, {QaHom} and {Qa'raj}.  (Hmm... either animals or 

Of course, exolinguistic speculation is fun, but the real life explanation 
is bound to be less interesting:  either it was the result of a typo 
(Okrand's or the publisher's), an actor's mistake, or Okrand inadvertently 
translated the term twice because he forgot that he had already translated 
it once before.  Okrand usually tries to provide some sort of contextual 
difference after someone points them out to him.  A good example of the 
last scenario is {jIj} and {yeq} "cooperate" - {jIj} is given the 
additional gloss "be cooperative" in KGT.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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