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re: -choH [change of state]

>Just to show it isn't a trick word that only DloraH can understand ....
>   "And how old were you when you first were able to write your name?"
>-choH does not always translate as "change" it represents a state of
>change, of beginning or ending.  So DaghItlhchoHlaHDI' is literally "as
>soon as you began to be able to write it"

Examples of {-choH} from canon:

we are becoming lucky, we are undergoing a turn of luck TKD

he is beginning to go (somewhere). TKD

   "The implication ... is that he or she was going either nowhere or
    somewhere else sometime before the phrase was uttered. Note that
    the translation of this suffix may be English become or begin to."
    (TKD p.37)

May we execute a course (to some place)? TKD

Be quiet! (Become quiet!) TKD

Du'IHchoHmoH mIvvam
This helmet suits you. TKD

ghorgh tujchoHpu' bIQ
When will the water be hot? TKD

nuqDaq waqwIj vIlamHa'choHmoH
Where can I get my shoes cleaned? TKD

tujqu'choH QuQ
The engine is overheating. TKD

maDo'chugh QeHchoH wa'.
If we're lucky, one will get angry. CK

bIrchoH SuvwI' 'Iw.
The blood of the warrior grows cold. PK

notlh veS... 'a tugh manotlhchoH je maH.
War is obsolete... as we are in danger of becoming. ST6

wa' jaj 'etlh 'uchchoHlaH tlhIngan puqloD; jajvetlh loD nen moj
The son of a Klingon is a man the day he can first hold a blade. TKW

'etlh QorghHa'lu'chugh ragh 'etlh nIvqu' 'ej jejHa'choH
Even the best blade will rust and grow dull unless it is cared for. TKW

vulchoHbe' tlhInganpu'
Klingons do not faint. TKW

ropchoHbe' tlhInganpu'
Klingons do not get sick. TKW

qanchoHpa' qoH, Hegh qoH
Fools die young. TKW

wa' SuvwI' muHlu'DI', tuHchoH Hoch SuvwI'pu'
The execution of but one warrior brings shame to all. TKW

bIboH. yIjotchoH
You're impatient. Calm down! KGT

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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