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Re: NSA lecture and back issues

At 12:54 PM Thursday 10/3/02, Lawrence wrote:

>Late Monday morning I expect to be driving down to Maryland in preparation
>for two talks I'll be giving at the National Security Agency.

Hmm, "National Security Agency"... wo' Hung tum?  Sep Hung tum?

>The first talk will be to a room of linguists eager to hear about Klingon.
>I'm very excited about this, as I've never had that large an audience that I
>could really open on about Klingon grammar.

Cool.  But why do Federal "spooks" (as we called them in in the Navy) want 
to learn about Klingon?  I should think they have their hands full just 
learning Arabic these days.

>The second talk is an hour or so later, as part of the official luncheon
>banquet. This was open to all NSA employees (though limited to a bit under
>150 seats). They'll get less grammar and more KLI anecdotes.

Let us know how this turns out and what they were most interested in, 
assuming they don't force you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  <g>  You 
may even want to write it up as an article for the next HolQeD.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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