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NSA lecture and back issues

Late Monday morning I expect to be driving down to Maryland in preparation 
for two talks I'll be giving at the National Security Agency. 

The first talk will be to a room of linguists eager to hear about Klingon. 
I'm very excited about this, as I've never had that large an audience that I 
could really open on about Klingon grammar. 

The second talk is an hour or so later, as part of the official luncheon 
banquet. This was open to all NSA employees (though limited to a bit under 
150 seats). They'll get less grammar and more KLI anecdotes.

I mention this because I will try to make a point of processing the current 
batch of credit card orders on Sunday afternoon so I can mail the merchandise 
before I leave on Monday. The normal credit card cycle is about two weeks, so 
any of you in a particular hurry to take advantage of the HolQeD clearance 
sale should order by Sunday morning or be prepared to wait another cycle.


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