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RE: KLBC: Poem Words (was Re: KLBC: "Tadhg" lIH jIH)

> > > >Any words for poem/poetry? and Why not? ;)
> > > {lut} "story"
> >
> > Depending on how it is presented; Beowulf is categorized as a poem but
> > I would probably use lut.  For many poems I would use bom "song, chant"
> OK I picked up somewhere that we are not allowed to make our own compound
> nouns, so {bomlut} or {lutbom} are forbidden constructs, right? But if we
> WERE allowed, which one would mean "Story-Song" and which one would mean
> "Song-Story"? (My guess, {bomlut} == "song-story").  Could this be a case
> for the Noun-Noun construction? {bom lut} ==  "The song of the story
> (i.e. poem)"

/bom lut/ would be "the song's story" or "the story of the song"
/lut bom/ would be "the story's song" or "the song of the story"

> Could I use a conjunction to join the words bom and lut to mean poem? For
> a poem to me is something inbetween story and song, but a bit of
> both. {lut bom je} "It is a story and a song (i.e. poem)".

Many songs are stories, but we don't differentiate them.
I've heard some poems that certainly don't tell a story.

bom is defined as "sing, chant"/"song, chant"; this sounds that maybe it's
not quite what we think of as singing.  KGT also mentions that most klingon
music is vocal, with or without instrumental accompaniment... the
instrumentation adds the final, though not absolutely necessary, touches.
To some there isn't a difference between song and poem.

Sure, if you look at modern western culture, some of the crap music that is
played, and the so-called poetry that aren't poems except that the writer
chooses to call it such, etc... songs and poems can be quite different.

From a klingon perspective, is there much difference between a "poem" and a
"song, chant"?

(KGT also gives us ghe'naQ "opera")


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