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Re: KLBC: "Tadhg" lIH jIH

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Quvar valer wrote:

> Welcome to the list, Tadhg!
> My Name is Quvar, I am the current Beginners' Grammarian. My job here
>is to help out newcomers and beginners in learning Klingon.

soH qatlho''a' jiH! 
[Thank you very much!] 

I was looking forward to hearing from you. I realized right after I sent
my e-mail that I should have tagged it 'KLBC' thanks for taking care of
that for me.


> >Ok those, were my first attempts to string together a sentence in Klingon,
> >I hope I did OK.

> You did very well, if these were your first attempts!
> You've chosen some tough ones, but that's the best way to learn the
> (any) language, just jump into it and   u s e   i t. 

Thank you! They really were my first attempts! Took me quite some time. I
am happy about the stuff I got right! Especially the word, {taghhwI''a'}
which I was very unsure about. 

> You did very well for your first message!
> Just in case I explained too much or too less at once, just tell me. 
> It's not possible to explain everything in detail right now, the mail
> would be too long and you wouldn't know where to start. Best place to
> start is always TKD

Those were great crticisms! I thank you for them. I look forward to making
many mistakes under your tutelage!

> So, if you have any questions, just go ahead!

I have many, but for now just a few:

Any words for poem/poetry? and Why not? ;) 
Whats the closest word for "Roads"? (I like to sign my e-mail with "Smooth
Roads" a shorthand version of an Irish blessing, and would love to see it
in tlhIngan Hol.

Smooth Roads,

 -- Tadhg

Tadhg Christopher Bird <>
aka L. Christopher Bird

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