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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey

ja' ...Paul:
>... a FIFO structure is not a stack, it's a list.

It's more usually called a queue.  An ordered list is typically implemented
so that elements can be removed or inserted at any point.  Some "lists" are
just unordered collections, with no "first" or "last" and no way of telling
what the "next" element is.

I can see your Klingon programming text is going to have some rather
personalized jargon in it already. :-)

> I allowed to define idiomatic uses of
>existing words to represent comp sci ideas, like "stack", "list",
>"function", "variable", etc?  These concepts must be present in Klingon,
>as we know they have software engineering capabilities (cf. { ghun }).

"Must" is too strong a word.  There are branches of computer science which
work without the concept of a variable.  Stack-based and "functional"
languages don't need them.  Klingon software engineering could very well
manage without a term for named temporary storage of intermediate results.

In fact, there's a speculative exercise in Klingon computer programming
called {var'aq} which indeed lacks variables, though I hadn't thought about
it until just this moment.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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