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Re: New York THANKS!

Honored Quvar...

     Thanksa for the great tip!  Never though to count my moves in the gym 
in Klingon! Great idea! Again, thanks!

Kha'Lar Vestai-Wardach (Karen Wood)

>From: Quvar valer <>
>Subject: Re: New York
>Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 22:36:30 +0100
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>Am 20.11.2002 16:56:56, schrieb
> >bIvumtaHvIS 'ej bImI'taHvIS yIqeq.
> >Practice by using it WHILE you work and go to the gym.
>Yes! When I go to the gym, I count my moves in Klingon.
>jImI'taHvIS tlhIngan mI'mey vItogh
> >vIleghpu'.  jIb Doq vIleghpu' je.  'ej jIb nguvmoHlu'bogh je.
> >I've seen it.  I have also seen red hair.  And unnaturally colored hair 
>vIleghpu' je. I also seen it.
>I know more than one blond Klingon.
>jIb wov ghajbogh tlhIngan puS vISov.
>I agree it's quite unusual, but what is worse that's a blond beard! :-)
>motlhHa'bej, 'ach motlhHa'chu' rol'e' wov!
>   ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH.

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